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Note: (Oct. 18th 2001) - you'll be lucky if any of these still work!

Here are some Links to PaCifiST related pages
The best links page however can be found at DemonBurps ST Emporium

Pages with ST games

ST Demos

Other 68000-based computers emulators

  • STonX - ST emulator for Unix. Written by Marinos Yannikos & Martin Griffiths, Ported to DOS by Dirk Jansen.
  • NoSTalgia - coded by Philippe Gerin. A very good ST emulator for MAC.
  • TOSBOX - Very good ST emulator by Mark Slagell
  • QLEM - Sinclair QL emulator for ST, coded by Johan Klockars.
  • U.A.E. - Portable Amiga emulator (Unix, Dos, Win95...) by Bernd Schmidt, very powerful.
  • Fellow - The fastest Amiga emulator (Dos) by Petter Schau.
  • vMac - The Virtual Macintosh Emulator, by Philip Cummins
  • Java ST Emulator - ST Java Emulator - No release yet. Coded by David Dawkins, it's a very original project.

General Emulation Resources

General Atari ST Resources

Cult Games

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